ABSINTHE is also known as pellos, wild boar, artemisia, absinthe, abominable, crayfish, draconium, melitin, anemone, is a perennial, rarely toothed toast, reaching 1.2m with winged leaves consisting of bellows. The lower surface of the leaves is greenish and the upper white-silk, and the whole plant is covered with silvery fluff and its flowers are small, spherical, yellow-green. It is native to arid and rocky places and grows in the Mediterranean and in all temperate places. It is a plant that includes many species but only Artemisia absinthium (Artemisia absinthium) belonging to the family of Asteraceae.

The extract of absinthe in virgin olive oil gives us a salve for all kinds pains, it is greasy but helps and relieves (waist, legs, throat), but also from the headache.

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