Snail mucus
Snail mucus is an undeniable breakthrough in the field of cosmetology.Our turn to alternative products can make us think that “we have discovered America” in the fieid of beauty but the truth is that Hippocrates had discovered the qualities of snail mucus much earlier.In the field of cosmetology it could be characterized as a “magic potion”.It consists of alanatene, glyconic acid, collagen, elastin, gag, water and other peptids.

Facial cream with Snail Elixir
In our laboratory we produce the handmade facial cream of exceptional quality “Snail Elixir’.It is produced observing all the rules with a high percentage of snail mucus and certified raw materials.It is easily absorbed by the skin without leaving any greasiness.Our suggestion is to use it mainly at night on clean skin.

Why is it so effective?
Shortly it has it all.Rose water, natural oils (castor oil, sesame oil, hazelnut oil), proteins,antioxidants, snail elixir, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid. All these ingredients compose a cream that increases and maintains the desired moisture of the skin.

What does it do to the skin?
It increases collagen, lifts, restores tired and dull skin that needs balancing,tightens open pores,”hides” acne scars, restores radiance,creates a firm, fresh, baby skin that simply enables women to enjoy lingering beauty.

Weight0.100 kg

50 ml

4 reviews for Snail Elixir-Facial cream

  1. Nena


  2. Νελλη

    Oh my goshh !!! Amazing! Only 10 days used and my skin is hydrated.

  3. Rafael

    I got this for my girlfriend she was very happy with the product
    From the first week she seen difference in the face…..

  4. Χρυσα


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