Basil is a one-year herbaceous plant with oval leaves and small white flowers. Basil is widely used in cooking as an aromatic plant and as a herbal it is considered to have several healing properties such as:

  • as a painkiller for headache, migraine, back pain, stretched muscles and rheumatism,
  • as a stomach discomfort that facilitates digestion, relieves gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation, nausea and indigestion,
  • as a decongestant for cold, runny nose and sinusitis,
  • as an expectorant for cough and lung sedation for asthma,
  • as a tonic in mental hyperactivity and in kidney diseases.

*The information about the herbs’ origin and their healing effects, which Olivenflower provide to the consumer, are merely for instructive purposes, but it cannot substitute for the opinion of a doctor.

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